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   Sustainable Aloha


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Maui Island, Hawaii is one of the most amazing places on the planet. We have lush and abundant natural resources and amazing people. We have a great mix of nature and convenience, but we are resting on a delicate balance between the two. Because Maui is so abundant, it has been easy to sit back and relax. However, the time has come for all members of the community to become aware of the things that threaten this delicate balance and become involved in keeping things in check.


Providing for the health and preservation of the ecosystem and providing for the generations to follow should be our main priority right now. There is nothing more important than this.


We have created this magazine to provide a place for the public to check in on progress and as a hub for community expertise and problem solving.


In order to progress together, we will have to work together. No one person or group has all the answers. We are all facets of this gem and it is going to take tens of thousands of people to re-create a sustainable island.


This is a time for harmony, tolerance, diversity and positive action. So, relax and enjoy, but malama the 'aina so we can continue to have this amazing place to live and thrive.


Alana Kay

Publisher/Executive Editor


       Mission Statement:


       Seeing the need for a coordinated effort between residents, visitors and government to create/re-create a sustainable Maui Island, we are providing an information hub for expression, discovery, analysis and idea sharing with our on-line and in-print publications.


       We believe that everybody has a role to play in sustaining our natural resources and believe that it is important to equip people with an abundance of  information so they may make decisions and take necessary action.


       We further emphasize that sustainability is an ever-evolving concept that requires a systems approach in order to be successful. All aspects of our lives are intertwined and inseparable - from natural resource services to the economy and everything in between.


       Engaging in an open forum concept of problem solving, Sustainable Aloha is committed to being a beacon to that is always fertile, inspirational, life-giving and life affirming.

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